• having OpenshiftCLI client installed
  • having access to the cluster as a user and the cluster-admin role

Stackoverflow trends

  • Pipeline = is the foundation of a…

Connection flow K8s, Docker, CRI-O, containerd and runc

people also ask
  • The JVM which is running the application (quite obvious), simply because No Java Virtual Machine Process = No application => 😠 OPS
  • Heap is the memory used by your java application for creating /storing objects and believe it or not heap is not unlimited so run out of Heap will result in OutOfMemory’ => 😧OPS . Also a constant growth in Heap usage could indicate a memory leak => 😰 OPS
  • Work “enters” your application through threads, active threads more exactly (the number of threads you allocate is configurable…

docker ps -a --format 'table {{.Names}}\t{{.Status}}'

docker ps — format ‘{{ .Names }}’
$ git clone https://github.com/docker/docker.git
$ vim $(find . -name names-generator.go)

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DevOps practices will regularly make use of deployments to manage application deployment, there are three popular deployment strategies .

  • from a high-level perspective this type of deployment consists of two identical environments in front of which is a load balancer that allows you to direct traffic to the appropriate environment.

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  • K8s is an open source project while OpenShift is a RedHat product that comes in many variants .
  • From a historical perspective OpenShift originally came from Red Hat’s acquisition of Makara (a company with a proprietary PaaS solution based on Linux containers) where K8s was originally designed by Google (influenced by Borg cluster management system) and is now maintained by the CNCF .

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